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Mystical Imagination
Marie E. Reid



Marnie Tolliver lives a regimented existence until the sudden death of her father leaves the family business vulnerable to take-over, derails her engagement, devastates her invalid mother Deidre, and exposes family secrets.  Health declining, Deidre is frantic to disclose murky details of an ancestral link to Mayan culture, and tries to convince Marnie that she’s in danger.  Insisting her husband’s death renders Marnie subject to Mayan law of Inherited Rights, Deidre dies before Marnie learns more. Left with a sense of disquiet, puzzling images of exotic places, intimacy with a sexy apparition haunt her dreams and affect her waking hours, which prompts Marnie to take off on a much-needed vacation.

While touring the Costa Rican rain forest, Marnie happens upon an indigenous tribe that entices her to join their daily rituals and share their meal.  Afterward, she drifts into a surreal state of sleep, and her phantom lover appears.  When she awakens, she’s alone, and no longer in the forest. Back onboard ship, no one believes her story. Marnie returns home to find the family business has a new partner, Etienne Luc Cuvier, the incarnation of her fantasy lover.  Two months later, she learns she’s pregnant.  Unwilling to accept all these occurrences as quirky déjà vu, she recalls Deidre’s revelations, senses her life is in jeopardy, and suspects someone close to her is manipulating events.  But who, and why?

fiction -
Contemporary M/F Romantic Suspense

© Marie E. Reid

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