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Phantom Friendship

Alone, and surfacing from the depths of heartbreak and despair,
 I thought Iíd found the friend I needed, but I was grasping at air.
 Mists of human kindness, a spirit of camaraderie cloaked in a mantle of concern,
Then the shroud lifted to reveal a heart so self-centered. Iíll never learn.
Believing friendship is about give and take, itís been touted as a two-way street,
Ours became one-way travel, the importance of your life, I canít compete.

Did you ever really see me...did you ever take a good look?
Not much about me is a mystery, my life is an open book.

Whenever my phone rang, any hour of the day or night,
I willingly interrupted the pattern of my life, to listen to your plight.
Each time we spoke, there was crisis in your world, one right after the other,
But youíd cut me off before you learned what was new in my life to discover.
Sympathetic to your disappointment, a staunch supporter of your choice,
My letdowns, setbacks, and accomplishments were never allowed a voice.

Did you ever hear me . . . just once did you listen to what I had to say?
I canít remember you ever asking me, ďMy friend, how was your day?Ē

Years of your insensitivity wore the gossamer threads of friendship thin,
To you, my life was never as vital as I thought it should have been.
Never a needy person, Iím quite resolute, made of sterner stuff,
Yet a few kind words of recognition would have been enough.
Long ago, I gave up on friends, your acquaintance made me remember why,
With people like you, fabrics of friendship never materialize, itís only in my mindís eye.

Will you miss me...did you even know I was there?
Or did I pass through your life as a cool breeze of vaporous air?

Marie Emily Reid ©

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A sad goodbye for yesterday,
Quickly changes to a confident hello for today.
The hopeful anticipation for tomorrow,
Easily changes to future sorrow.

It is a road well-traveled from beginning to end,
With happiness and sadness around every bend.
Camaraderie and relationships don't have to be lost along the way,
Because a lasting memory is being created this day.

A sad chapter of yesterdays is about to close,
Tomorrow's hopeful anticipation...best wishes in the new endeavor you chose.
Future sorrow is one change that doesn't have to come true,
If we keep in touch, like friends are supposed to.


Marie Emily Reid ©

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