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Memories Erased
Calculated  Deception
 M. E. Reid

    Aianna Sinclair believes she has it all until her husband develops terminal cancer.  To support his needs, Aianna gets a job closer to home and soon realizes her mistake when she finds herself thrust into a situation rife with deception, conflict, and incompetent, treacherous supervisors. Then her husband dies.  At his funeral, she meets her alleged invalid neighbor Gregorio Galliano, aka Calderone whose imposing stature contradicts his purported infirm status.  Handsome and affable, with an underlying, subtle threat of menace, Aianna stares into jungle green eyes in a too handsome face, and a chill of apprehension sweeps her body.

    When Aianna returns to work, the Chairman of the Board closes the office, offers her another job, and she accepts.  At the new job, it’s déjà vu from day one.  Enmity from co-workers is palpable, the Chairman’s conduct toward her turns bizarre, and her supervisor tries to set her up as an embezzler.  It’s not until someone kills her supervisor and she becomes the prime suspect that Aianna realizes she’s the target of something more sinister than antagonism, and she might not survive.


© M. E. Reid

fiction -- m/f - romantic suspense - Interracial

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Ruthless Redemption
Marie E. Reid

Book 1
Inception: The first ten years


Government-funded Psi Development Institute does classified research on the manipulation of the molecular structure of human genes and the correlation to psychological conduct. After years of setbacks, they create the ideal, engineered child―PsiD-E6. By the age of seven, it deserves its nicknameRuthlessmanipulates the system, plans and executes its escape, then disappears.

In typical government fashion, instead of resolving the issue, they add to it. The scientists engineer another child, PsiD-E16―Redemption―to locate, and destroy Ruthless.

Two decades later, mutilation murders terrify a desert town, and each victim has a link to the institute. Detectives Peter Frazier and Jason Marlowe, sent to investigate, suspect the killer is a Psi employee, but military stonewalling hampers investigation, then the murders stop. The cases go cold, but not before Frazier and Marlowe discover decades-old family secrets connect them to institute prodigy, and possibly a murderer.

© Marie E. Reid

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Ruthless Redemption
Marie E. Reid

Book 2
Prodigy Exposed




Fifteen years after the first mutilation killings, similarly mutilated bodies of sexual predators and other deviant felons ssurface. Psi administrators recognize the methodology of the kills, and fearing one of their prodigies is responsible, they launch an internal probe. What they uncover is a critical scientific gaffe. Their biologists’ didn’t screen host mitochondrial DNA, or evaluate its effect on gene modification, allowing recessive, preternatural gene abnormalities to transfer from hosts to specimens.

Psi administrators acknowledge a possible link between the mutilation deaths and the PsiD-E project and initiate damage control. They assign the current military attaché and his aide to resolve the issue, unaware both are PsiD-E prodigy.








Ruthless Redemption
Marie E. Reid

Book 3



The institute’s military attaché  recognizes the link between the deaths and the PsiD-E project. Knowing both Ruthless and Redemption are the epitome of Psi-D engineering and training, capable of indiscriminate kills, to neutralize the problem, rather than delegate, the attaché  requests a volunteer.

Haunting childhood  memories prompt federal agent Jordan Perry to take on the assignment. Cognizant of the Psi abilities of the targets, Jordan knows there is  only a tiny window of opportunity to catch them unaware. The dilemma is which one to terminate—Ruthless, Redemption, or both. But will Jordan's unsettling background help or hinder resolution?
















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