Putting It In Writing



Clandestine Impasse
(Revenge Series ~ Book  2)
Emily Wade-Reid












She opened the kitchen door, was about to step inside, but a sense of unease brought her up short. Something wasn't right. Apprehension seemed to heighten her senses—is that cologne? Had someone been in her house…was someone still there? Damn, this reminded her of what had happened to Marissa. Did that mean it was her turn, that stalking and terrorizing are contagious, because she didn't have any known relatives, a discernible past, or enemies. Who would want to terrorize her…oh wait, that car!

It was what…several months ago, outside Marissa’s house. Now she remembered. Hell, she'd forgotten to mention it to the family. Did the car’s occupants follow her home that night, been trailing her ever since, waiting for a chance to use her to get even with Marissa, like the attempt on Tristan?

Afraid to reach for the light switch, she backed up, turned in the doorway—a hand clamped over her mouth. A brawny arm circled her body.

The door slammed shut.

© Emily Wade-Reid