Putting It In Writing




Bouzwha Princess - Final Reckoning
(Revenge Series ~ Book 3)
Emily Wade-Reid





Kristen turned onto her street, pulled up in the driveway, and glanced in the rearview mirror. The shadowed movement of a car’s outline, lights off, drew her attention. Brow furrowed, she watched the vehicle ease to a stop across the street, but she didn’t recognize the car as part of the regular neighborhood traffic.
    Suspicious of the no lights, she remained seated, waiting to see if anyone would exit the other vehicle…déjà vu, the bar parking lot…uh, couldn’t be. Why would somebody follow her from San Bernardino to Riverside, surely not to mug her, in front of her home?
    Seconds ticked by and still no one had emerged from the other car…hell, she was tired, had things to do early tomorrow, need sleep. She climbed out of her Mustang, moving across the driveway, she tripped the motion-sensor lights on the front of the house and illumination flooded the yard. With furtive sidelong glances, she kept the other car in sight until she turned onto the path leading to the front door.
    The slam of a car door coincided with a rustling noise behind her. She started to turn—a hand snaked out, clamped over her mouth as another hand gripped her throat. For a few heart-tripping seconds, surprise held her immobile. Then with a swiftness that must have taken her assailant by surprise, she dropped to one knee. Gripping the back of a neck with both hands, she yanked hard as she bent forward. A body sailed over her hunched form and landed in front of her.
    She straightened, poised to deliver a deadly blow, but before she could strike, a second person accosted her from behind.

© Emily Wade-Reid