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NightOwl Reviews    June 2015


Bittersweet Chocolate
Revenge Book 1


4.5 stars
    Author: Emily Wade-Reid


    Review by: Bookshifter
    Genre: Erotica

            *Spicy: Erotic Romance

              Diverse Books
   Publisher: eXtasy Book

Bittersweet Chocolate penned by author Emily Wade-Reid is a delicious, mysterious vibration that incorporates political, social and cultural issues that took place in the sixties but are the same issues manifesting themselves in 2015.

Emily Wade Reid creates a tasteful erotic, high energy romance with the urban pulse that cannot be easily forgot nor hidden. The realism embedded throughout Bittersweet Chocolate ties together the past that any adult who lived through the turbulent era of the sixties can connect with, along with the troubling time currently shaping todayís atmosphere. Each character, setting and theme created by this prolific author demonstrates the tensions currently being dealt with in the big cities as well as small towns in our country. Ms. Wade-Reidís story elements contains a heartbeat that thunders inside the bodies of most readers as issues of humanity unfold. Funny how history keeps repeating itself.














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