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Memories Erased is a well written and plotted gay contemporary romance that I thoroughly enjoyed and which I intend to enjoy again in the future.  It's a tale of love, romance and a little mystery as Devin and his assorted friends and associates try to keep his new lover alive. 

Add in plenty of well rounded secondary characters in the form of friends and family to give the story life and depth, and voila…a great story.

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Memories Erased

Reviewed by Hayley -- this is what she had to say...

Memories Erased is one of those stories that grabs you
and refuses to let you go. The characters are so well
drawn that the reader immediately connects to them.

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Overall rating:
Reviewer: Tabatha
Sensuality rating
: Explicit
June 23, 2009

Now I am the first to admit I have never been big on suspense novels but I was reeled into this romantic suspense before I finished the first chapter. I am the type of person who reads in total silence so I can 'hear' the story. Devin and Ewyn had me turn off my air conditioning just so I wouldn't be distracted, and it's over 90 degrees where I live. By chapter two I was hooked on these two with their mysterious jobs and hot passion. Each man has their own kinks that I didn't know whether to laugh or fan myself while reading about them.

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The instant attraction between the two and the sensual
scenes are scorching hot. Throw in the added spice of
a mystery, jealous ex-boyfriends, and a well written
plot and you have a book that I would recommend to

Thank you Hayley and Fallen Angel Reviews


Sensual Ecataromance

Reviewer: Kimberley Spinney
Sensuality Rating: Sizzling
Star Rating:
4 Stars

"Memories Erased is an emotional, passionate, suspenseful novel that has all the elements of a must have, must read novel. The characters are intricate and amazingly developed."

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Nymph Rating: 5  Nymphs

Literary Nymphs Reviews

Reviewer Ruby Minx had this to say...

Memories Erased is a terrific book on all fronts. The love story between Ewyn and Devin is engrossing and realistic, despite the background of intrigue and murder. The heat generated between them is off the scale and the sex is poignant, funny, caring and above all, extremely loving.


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In a message dated 4/11/2008 8:39:46 P.M. US Mountain Standard Time, maldonb writes:

Hi!  Just wanted to let you know that I loved the book.  Awesome plot, kept me guessing for a long time.  I loved that you were able to blend great romance and character development with a good whodunnit plot.  Thanks!  I must admit that I don't remember which of the many Yahoo groups I belong to we were posting in when I won.  If you'd like me to post my comments in a group, let me know which one!